The Invincible: announced the sci-fi thriller from the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 and Dying Light

Do you know Starward Industries? Probably not, and it’s more than understandable. It is a very young development studio with triple A ambitions founded in Krakow by some developers who have made their bones in CD Projekt RED and Techland, working on games of the caliber of The Witcher 3, Cybeprunk 2077, Dying Light and Dead Island.

Now we have your attention, right? Well, Starward Industries has just announced its debut feature: it’s about The Invincible, a first person sci-fi thriller set in the retro-future imagined by Stainslaw Lem, author of the homonymous novel published in Italy by Sellerio Editore.

The Invincible puts you in the shoes of a scientist on an interstellar scientific expedition, whose mission suddenly turns into a risky rescue operation. After landing on the hostile planet Regis III, located in the constellation of Lyra, you’ll need to retrieve the missing crew members using analog space equipment and at the same time extremely advanced.

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The gameplay was called addicting while the story is non-linear. The graphics engine used to shape the planet Regis III and the mysteries it hides is the always reliable Unreal Engine. The Invincible is currently expected on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and PC in the course of 2021. Before you rush to the Steam store page to add it to your wish list, listen to the excerpt of the soundtrack and take a look at the screenshots that we have attached at the bottom of this news:


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