The incredible transformation of Adele into photos

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Recently Adele He surprised millions with his incredible makeover. The singer not only showed her new figure on Drake's birthday, she also showed that she doesn't need anyone to see her sensationally.

And without a doubt, the singer is proud of her new appearance, because in her social networks she showed it with images that were immediately filled with “likes”.

But a few years ago the interpreter of "Someone like you" did not look like that, only in 2008 she looked much redder hair and it was easy to notice that she was just beginning in the world of music, because she does not care about her image.

While there was no radical change for 2009, it was evident that little by little it began to break through the world of entertainment. In his photographs you could see a rising artist.

By 2011 the singer's fans could already see an artist with much more confidence and more talented. Not only did he fill the biggest places, his attitude enchanted millions.

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In 2012 he swept the Grammy Awards and was the watershed of his career. His success "Rolling in the deep" could not be taken off the radio and became a phenomenon. It was in this year that the iconic photograph was taken holding their prizes as if they were babies.

In 2015 you could already notice that he lost weight. With her short hair and a more washed out reddish hair, she kept showing her fans that she was the queen.

Finally there is the most radical change he has had. In 2019 she showed herself with a blonde hair and a very fresh look. The singer shows that divorce is not the end of everything and when a cycle closes, many more open.

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