'The Immortal: A Gomorrah Film' Arrives

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Following the success of ‘Gomorra’, the four-season Italian series available on Sky and portraying the Neapolitan mafia through the Savastano clan, we can now delve deeper into the family's history with ‘The Immortal: A Gomorrah movie’, a film directed and starring Marco D'Amore that will hit Sky on April 14 and focuses on the origins of the character Ciro Di Marcio. Set between Naples after the 1980 earthquake and current Riga, the film starts right where the third season of the fiction ends. But it can be seen independently. "He will tell, to all those who have never seen the series, the story of a man who made a clear choice in his life from which he can never back down, remaining among the memories of how it all started, in the Naples of the 80s , and his current life in a distant land ”, Marco explains. “Ciro di Marzio, The Immortal, is the evil incarnate. A man devoted to the barbaric act and gratuitous violence, which, in turn, also represents the sudden tenderness of a caress or compassion for pain. In this sense, fiction presents the viewer with an archetypal story that reflects on life, passions and desires, as well as the evil that we are willing to endure. ”

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The film, with a script by Leonardo Fasoli, Maddalena Ravagli, Francesco Ghiaccio and Giulia Forgione, together with himself D’Amore, premieres before the fifth season of the series arrives, which will premiere Sky exclusively.

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