The hidden data of the historic 5-0 about Argentina, the anecdote of Bilardo and the day that his football beat Pablo Escobar's violence: 9 sentences by Pacho Maturana

From Medellín, where he has to go through quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic with his family, Francisco Maturana recalled his experiences in soccer. From historical 5-0 from Colombia over Argentina to a safety pin anecdote with Carlos Bilardo. Pacho, recognized former Colombian player and coach, also highlighted how the football that your team deployed allowed Colombia to stop being synonymous with violence by Pablo Escobar.

"In Africa the little ones told me about Colombia 5 Argentina 0. Where I go they ask me why it is Argentina", Maturana acknowledged, who revealed that at the beginning of the remembered match for the Qualifying rounds towards the 1994 World Cup thought about changing everything.why

"I say that sometimes the top makes us forget the way, I am a prisoner, rather of the way, and in that game in twenty-odd minutes I was thinking of changing things. When a technician thinks of changes, it's like a frustration because we are technicians during the week and things did not work out. So when am I going to change just a goal comes. Reassure me and they tell me that now everything would improve and when The second half begins, the other goal comes. Then more started to come, but I always had the feeling that Argentina scored a goal and tied us ”.

In dialogue with Double spout worth, Pacho He assured that he did not see the Argentine team downcast. "I never saw it like that and you can say that Argentina lost 5-0 but fought from minute one to minute ninety. When the match went 0-0, Óscar Córdoba became a very important person for the result. There was anguish, tension, but to say that Argentina lowered its head would not be capable. ”

"When I see that Colombia team from the 1990s, I am very happy because sometimes I watched games and did not understand that of being a prisoner of order or the result, that running without rhyme or reason. I saw its beginnings in the pre-Olympic games, I saw the game that we played in Argentina, world champion, in '87 and that we won ”, DT also highlighted that Colombian triumph by 2 to 1 at the Monumental, for third place in the Copa América.

In another passage of the interview, Maturana regretted the recurring comparison between Messi and Maradona. "One sad have to discuss that if both are from the same country. What's more, Messi is not from Argentina, Messi is from America. So how good for America that we have two players of that level ”.

When it comes to talking about coaches, valued César Luis Menottiby whom feel "admiration" and it's like your "inspiration at a certain time". And he also recognized Carlos Bilardo, although he has "different thoughts and feelings."

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At this point, he recounted a great anecdote of the Doctor. “From all people you learn and if you learn from a world champion you are ready. I had a very nice experience when I was in Spain and I met Carlos Bilardo at Sevilla. For all, I was enrolled a menottist. In an interview I said something and then they tell Carlos about it, he who came from being my teacher, my coach in the National Team. Then, Bilardo shouted: "Maturana not to speak, as soon as he is a coach who does." I heard that and thought, son of a bitch coach? If I was champion of America, I went to a World Cup ”.

"Time passed and then I met him who told me I sent you a little message. ‘You have a great walk, but you are going to be a coach when they want to burn your house downWhen the press turns you into work clothes, when you can't leave the stadium, when you have to go out in a tanqueta, you're going to be a coach there. ’ Time passed and I realized that I was very right. Those are the advice of older people who are not so imprisoned by the immediacy of a result. Today someone appears and wins and he is already the best and after 15 days he loses and we have to kill him ”, he concluded.

To end, Pacho Maturana told how his football influenced and the Colombian National Team that he commanded to end a country quer was synonymous with violence by Pablo Escobar.

"It's without doubt that was the request that I made, for that the Colombian people change their mentality. What we did, because Colombia did not exist, since the last World Cup was in 62 and without much significance. At that moment where you were going, Colombia was Pablo Escobar, they spoke to you about violence, they spoke to you about drugs. There came a time even when I told Italians there that Colombia had not invented the drug, that I first heard about the Camorra in Italy and that they have already solved their problem. That we were in a process of growth and when a country grows it has to deal with many problems, and that was one of those problems. So don't come and tell us that we made it up. From there, they never screwed up again more with the theme. Apart Valderrama appeared and a group of solidarity people which showed that they played with joywho were friends, who they enjoyed soccer. That tells you what a society is like and without a doubt it changed us ”.


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