The heroes of My Hero Academia 5 are returning in the new poster

After so many months of waiting, it has been discovered when the fifth season of My Hero Academia will be released. The young heroes who have finally overcome the cultural festival and the nomu crisis with the battle of Endeavor, are preparing for the challenges to be faced in the course of 2021.

The first leaks of Weekly Shonen Jump have anticipated the contents of the event scheduled for Saturday, where it has been expected for a long time announcement related to My Hero Academia. With the first information from yesterday we learned that My Hero Academia 5 will debut in spring 2021 while the first images also confirm the presence of a key visual, the first for the season.

In the image below shared by Weekly Shonen Jump, unofficial account, we see the announcement on the arrival in 2021 at the top, while the various characters parade below. In this poster di My Hero Academia 5 we naturally see Deku, Ochako Uraraka, Katsuki Bakugo with their hero clothes, but among the various characters included Hitoshi Shinso on the right and the hateful Monoma on the left also stand out. This means that there will be a greater presence of other students of the Yuei, such as class 1-B, which has always been a rival of the protagonist’s 1-A.

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In the next previews we could also see the other characters who will participate in the season. Get ready for the return of the heroes in a few months.


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