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The heart never gets old! Granny gets excited when Cristian Castro shows up and sings ‘Azul’ (VIDEO)

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They say that the heart never gets old, and our body and skin can do it, but our attitude towards life depends only on us.

This showed an adorable grandmother who, in the middle of the party, could not hide her emotion when Cristian Castro surprised her by singing to her.

In the video we see the beautiful old lady enjoy the party, and sing full-blown ‘Azul’, success with Castro reached international fame in 2001.

Thus, while the grandmother sang Azul ’, one visit surprised her, and she never imagined that whoever would join the song would be nothing more and nothing less than her famous performer.

Excited, Cristian took a microphone and sang very close to Granny, which caused a big smile on the old woman.

As they say, as long as we feel like living and being happy, the heart will never grow old, it will only be the skin that wrinkles:

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