the HBO series will contain content deleted from the video game

After taking stock of the situation regarding the TV series of The Last of Us, we report this interesting interview to the producer Craig Mazin in which he discusses the possibility of the presence of scenes never seen by fans of the Naughty Dog opera.

Speaking to the microphones of BBC Live 5, Craig Mazin revealed that ideas that have been cut from the first chapter of the show will be developed within the show episodes story of Ellie and Joel. Here is his comment: "At one point Neil said to me, you know there was this thing we often talked about, he told it to me and I immediately replied, ok, we put it in the series, you can't stop me"The producer of The Last of Us still wanted to explain what kind of additions they will be:"There will be several such things, but not in the sense, wouldn't it be cool to see an episode with Joel and Ellie going on motorbikes and facing a gang of bikers? It is not what we want to do, we are not thinking in episodes. Everything will be taken care of to the smallest detail, the new parts of history or those that we will deepen better will be appreciated by both long-time fans and new".

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We are sure that this news will make all fans of the opera happy Naughty Dog, who can discover other background on the history of the duo of protagonists. Looking forward to other official news, we leave you with our list of actors for the part of Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us.


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