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 The Harley Quinn producer: Birds of prey on the sequel possibilities and the return to filming

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Image of Birds of Prey (2020)

It remains to be seen if the sudden name change of "Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey" It serves to give a boost to a box office that, for now, is not proving particularly spectacular (although given its low budget everything has to be relativized). For now we bring you some words of Sue Kroll, producer of the film, in which she talks about the possibilities of a sequel and the typical rumors that arise when a movie returns to shooting.

Starting with the first, those who have seen the movie will know that, to anyone's surprise, it ends with possibilities of continuing with these characters. Kroll remembers that we will have to wait to see the final numbers of the box office but are interested in continuing to explore these stories.

We have to pass the premiere first. It has to succeed. This is an expanding world so obviously everything is possible. I think people would like to see more stories so, of course, it would be the natural step but for now we haven't talked about it, We are worried that people watch this movie. Step by Step.

As to back to the shootKroll remembers once again that this is a common process in these types of films that have constant supervision of the studio and work with high budgets. In his opinion, he believes he was given too much importance in the media.

After we and the studio watched the movie, We saw that the action worked great and we decided that we wanted more of that. We contacted Chad (Stahelski) because we had already worked with 87Eleven and Jonathan Eusebio in the sequence of the fair and all that. It was all very natural: the same team, the same specialists, the same choreography designers … but with the extra work back to the shoot.

That is what happened and, again, it is normal. And it's good. It's basically that people see the opportunities in this movie and they say we're going to support it, we're going to give it more money. Let's put more action, expand the potential audience more … They are added.

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