The gradual call bell reaches the Pixel range: we will no longer be scared when the mobile rings at odd hours

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Yesterday we saw how the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL terminals could access a hidden menu to have a higher level of brightness. It was necessary to have root access and some users did not understand that it did not appear as another possibility within the normal menu. Fortunately, to the improvement we are going to try, all users can access.

It's about the possibility of set the ringtone in progressive mode. An option available for years on many phones of different brands but in the case of Pixels, was a possibility that shone by its absence. It may seem like a pilgrim improvement for many, but it is very useful.

Small but very useful improvement

Pixel 4

And it is that thanks to the use of progressive doorbell we avoid those scares that put our hearts to a thousand in phone calls, especially when they occur in untimely hours. The improvement he does is that the bell increases its volume progressively in conjunction with the vibration function.

Once the progressive ringing is enabled, what the mobile does is that upon receiving an incoming call, it will first vibrate without ringing for 5 seconds and then gradually increase the ringtone volume for a period of 10 seconds.

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This improvement is reaching all Pixel phones, and we say to everyone, since as XDA-Developers say users with original Pixel and Pixel 2, along with the owners of the most recent Pixel 3 and Pixel 4, they are seeing this function appear silently, without a notification notifying you of its availability.

To access the function you must go to the route "Settings> Sound" and click on "Vibrate for calls". A new screen opens with a series of options to configure the phone: we can choose and never vibrate, always vibrate or vibrate first and then the selected sound gradually increases.

Source | XDA-Developers

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