The Good Half Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

The Good Half Release Date, Cast, Storyline, Trailer Release, And Everything You Need to Know

“The Good Half” is a 2023 American comedy-drama film that has captivated audiences with its poignant exploration of grief, relationships, and self-discovery. Directed by Robert Schwartzman and written by Brett Ryland, the film follows the journey of Renn Wheeland, played by Nick Jonas, as he returns to his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, to attend his mother’s funeral. What unfolds is a touching story that delves into the complexities of family dynamics, the power of human connections, and the ultimately redemptive nature of confronting one’s past.

The Good Half Release Date:

“The Good Half” premiered on June 8, 2023, at the prestigious Tribeca Festival, where it was met with critical acclaim. Following its successful festival run, the film is scheduled for a wide theatrical release in the United States on July 23, 2024. This highly anticipated release date will allow audiences across the country to experience Renn Wheeland’s emotional journey and the talented ensemble cast that brings this story to life.

The Good Half Storyline:

At the heart of “The Good Half” is the story of Renn Wheeland, a man who has long avoided his problems and run from his past. When his mother, Lily (played by Elisabeth Shue), passes away, Renn is forced to return to his hometown and confront the demons he has been suppressing.

Upon his arrival, Renn is reunited with his overbearing sister, Leigh (Brittany Snow), and must navigate the complex dynamics of his family, including his eager-to-reconnect father, Darren (Matt Walsh), and his stepfather, Rick Barona (David Arquette). As Renn tries to plan his mother’s funeral, he also begins a new connection with a fellow traveler, Zoey Abbot (Alexandra Shipp), providing a glimmer of hope amid his grief.

Through a series of heartfelt and often humorous moments, Renn is compelled to face his past, the trauma he has experienced, and the relationships he has neglected. As he grapples with his emotions and the weight of his mother’s passing, Renn embarks on a journey of self-discovery, ultimately finding the strength to confront his problems and begin the process of healing.

The Good Half List of Cast Members:

  • Nick Jonas as Renn Wheeland
  • Brittany Snow as Leigh Wheeland
  • David Arquette as Rick Barona
  • Alexandra Shipp as Zoey Abbot
  • Matt Walsh as Darren Wheeland
  • Elisabeth Shue as Lily Wheeland


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The Good Half Creators Team:

“The Good Half” was brought to life by a talented team of filmmakers, each contributing their unique vision and expertise to the project.

Director Robert Schwartzman, known for his previous work on the film “Dreamland,” has crafted a deeply personal and emotionally resonant story with “The Good Half.” In an interview, Schwartzman shared that the film’s themes of grief and family dynamics resonated with him on a personal level, as he had experienced the loss of his father at a young age. Schwartzman’s sensitive direction and ability to balance humor and heartbreak have been praised by critics, who have noted the film’s authentic and nuanced portrayal of the human experience.

Brett Ryland’s screenplay is a testament to his skill in crafting complex, multidimensional characters and exploring the intricacies of family relationships. Ryland’s writing has been lauded for its depth, authenticity, and ability to transport the audience into the characters’ lives.

In addition to the director and writer, “The Good Half” features a talented production team, including producers Brett Ryland, Russell Wayne Groves, and Robert Schwartzman, whose collective experience and vision have brought this compelling story to the screen.

Where to Watch The Good Half?

“The Good Half” will be distributed by Utopia and is scheduled for a nationwide theatrical release in the United States on July 23, 2024. Audiences can experience the film on the big screen at various cinemas nationwide. Additionally, the film is expected to be made available for digital streaming and home video release later, though the specific details of these platforms have not yet been announced.

The Good Half Trailer Release Date:

The official trailer for “The Good Half” was released on June 15, 2024, building anticipation for the film’s upcoming release. The trailer offers a glimpse into Renn Wheeland’s emotional journey and the dynamic relationships that unfold as he returns to his hometown.

The trailer showcases the film’s blend of heartfelt drama and subtle humor. Nick Jonas delivers a compelling performance as the protagonist navigating the complexities of grief and self-discovery. The supporting cast, including Brittany Snow, David Arquette, and Alexandra Shipp, also shine in their respective roles, further enhancing the depth and authenticity of the story.

The trailer’s release has generated significant buzz among fans and critics alike. They are eager to experience the full cinematic journey of “The Good Half” when it hits theaters on July 23, 2024.

The Good Half Final Words:

“The Good Half” is a remarkable cinematic achievement that resonates with audiences deeply personally. Through its honest exploration of grief, familial relationships, and the human capacity for growth, the film has the power to inspire, move, and uplift viewers.

Director Robert Schwartzman’s skillful direction, combined with Brett Ryland’s poignant screenplay and the standout performances of the ensemble cast, have created a cinematic experience that is both heartbreaking and uplifting. The film’s ability to balance moments of profound sadness with genuine laughter and hope is a testament to the filmmakers’ understanding of the human condition.

As audiences eagerly await the nationwide release of “The Good Half” on July 23, 2024, the anticipation continues to build. This film is a must-see for anyone seeking a meaningful, emotionally charged cinematic experience that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of confronting one’s past.

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