the fourth episode was directed by … Greef Karga!

By now we understand it, the two key figures behind The Mandalorian are Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, two obsessed with details and big Star Wars fans. That doesn’t mean it’s not there space for the ideas of other collaborators as for directing, as you know well Carl Weathers.

In the series we have come to know him by the name of Greef Karga, the one who provided the bounties to Mando in the first season and that, after some disputes resolved with blaster shots, he decided to take his side definitively. Now we find that his role is much bigger though, given that he directed the Chapter 12, the episode available starting November 20.

After the premiere managed by Favreau himself (Chapter 9: The Sheriff), the second episode directed by Ant Man director Peyton Reed (Chapter 10: The Passenger) and a third episode still untitled, so we will have the opportunity to find out how Weathers fares behind the camera, despite already having some experience in television thanks to Hawai Five-0 e Sheena. AND Canada asked the actor what was the thing that excited him most about the current season, and he couldn’t help but answer: “Well, obviously the episode I directed! In our programming it was episode 4. I succeeded because I got down on my knees and he implored, Jon Favreau, ‘Please, please let me direct an episode.’ “

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The team of directors of the series is actually very diverse and in addition to Filoni and Weathers we will have the opportunity to see the return of Bryce Dallas Howard and Rick Famuyiwa. Furthermore we await thearrival of Robert Rodriguez, director of Sin City and of Alita: Angel of the Battle.

We will get to see Weathers also on screen, as Greef Karga will be able to keep calling Mando persistently in the second season as well.


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