The Four Knights of Apocalypse: ecco le prime immagini del sequel di Seven Deadly Sins

On March 25, Nakaba Suzuki’s series The Seven Deadly Sins ended with the 346th chapter, and near this date a sequel was announced, which from the leaked information was called The Four Knights of Apocalypse, which today was shown in an unprecedented image.

In these months of total silence on Suzuki’s part, fans of the series have begun to think about possible candidates for the role of protagonists in the sequel, and if on the one hand there is some certainty regarding the characters Lancelot and Tristan, the other two horsemen who will make up the Four of the Apocalypse have not yet been presented.

A recent image, however, published on the pages of Weekly Shonen Magazine, showed us the somewhat simplistic design of a character never seen before, and that he could be one of Lancelot and Tristan’s companions. As you can see in the post at the bottom, the name of the boy in question is not specified, who appears with purple hair, blue eyes, while holding a sword in his left hand.

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Recall that the release date of The Four Knights of Apocalypse has been announced, and that the fourth season of Seven Deadly Sins will arrive in January.


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