The Flash, the showrunnner anticipates a surprise for one of the protagonists

After The Flash panel at the DC FanDome, lo showrunner Eric Wallace gave an exclusive interview to Entertainment Weekly to reveal the important ones advances on the seventh season of the CW series.

“There was a whole storyline that would have Ralph and another character struggling on a two-person journey, a one-season story arc that would involve a lot of twists and turns and influence the villain’s actions, which I don’t want. unveil “ Wallace explained. “But we can’t do that anymore. However, as always in these cases, we had to make the most of what we had. We brought out Elongate Man, and the story became even more powerful because it was able to focus on another character, who I do not reveal to you so as not to spoil the surprise. ”

Wallace later confirmed that the mysterious character he is actually a series regular: “As for that character, it’s going to be a much more emotional journey. He’s one of our series regulars, so it’s going to be really exciting. He can go to a place we never imagined a few seasons ago, but we managed to make it work. . It will be a lot of fun. We have turned an awkward situation into a great opportunity that will make Team Flash even stronger and more united. “

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In recent days, the author has also anticipated a recasting of Elongated Man.


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