The Flash, Grant Gustin wants to play another superhero in the future: “I like the idea”

Filming on The Flash 7 has begun, and although Grant Gustin continues to look good in the red DC sprinter costume, he doesn’t rule out one more superhero role in the future.

People think I’d never do something like The Flash again, but I’d actually be available. I would like to play another superhero, if I had the opportunity to participate in something similar or another such project. I’ve always been drawn to sci-fi and the world of specific genres. maybe my role will help me open those doors, and I really like the idea “, revealed actor a Backstage.

Moreover, his curriculum does not lie, with seven seasons of The Flash assets and cross-over participations could easily be offered for any role from DC or Marvel superhero. Even Chris Evans played Human Torch in it The fantastic Four before becoming Captain America, so Gustin wouldn’t be the first actor to join two different cinecomics.

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La star The CW however, it also has other plans in store: “I haven’t done it yet my Broadway debut, and it’s something really important to me, I’d love to do that. I want to get back on stage again: there’s nothing like that instant satisfaction you get from being on stage and how that emotion you feel when you perform in front of the audience live”.

He could combine business with pleasure and play a superhero in the theater! What do you think? Which cartoon character would it be perfect for him? Staying anchored in the present, here’s everything we know about The Flash 7.


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