The Flash: Barry Allen teams up with Reverse Flash to face a new villain

The adventures of The Flash continue: this time Barry Allen he will have to team up with one of his greatest rivals, in order to defeat a new unpublished character appeared in the volumes written by Joshua Williamson.

In number 755 of the series, fans of the DC cartoon character were able to watch the challenge between The Flash and Paradox, to help the protagonist of the series we also find Reverse-Flash, who decided to team up with his rival to permanently defeat Paradox. To win the fight Eobard Thawne decides to go back in time, changing the fate of Paradox and avoiding his transformation into a villain, succeeding in his intent.

The situation seemed to be going well for Barry Allen, when Reverse-Flash decides to betray him again, killing Godspeed and revealing to The Flash that he plans to defeat all his allies and friends. To know how the challenge between the two will end we will have to wait for the next 23 June, the date on which the new volume of the series written by Joshua Williamson with drawings by Christian Duce, originally thought to be published in May but which has been postponed due to the Coronavirus emergency, will be available.

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