The explosion of Carlos Sainz after his last big breakthrough of the season

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The overtaking of Carlos Sainz to Niko Hulkenberg in the last lap of the last race of F1 World Cup it was much more than a simple maneuver and it was very clear in the conversation that the Spanish pilot held seconds later by radio with the engineers of McLaren.

With that maneuver, the Madrid achieved the tenth position in the Abu Dhabi GP. That point also added to the sixth position of the general classification of pilots, a historic milestone for the man who has been fighting with some of the best drivers in the history of Formula 1 for five seasons.

After that overtaking Hulkenberg, his engineer congratulated him and warned him that he still had ten curves to draw. A somewhat cold message changed the tone shortly after. "Good job", he told Sainz letting out a smile. Then the pilot's euphoria broke out: "Oh, oh, oh … woohooohooo. My God! Did you see that movement?"

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Once the race was over, the Spanish acknowledged that he had managed to put "the icing" on the cake of his best Formula 1 World Championship. "Still, with our heads down and scoring, McLaren and I have achieved sixth place," he said. "For five years I have not fought for victories, or for podiums, or anything. I know that Formula 1 puts pressure to finish sixth or seventh, too, but I wanted to take it as if it were a bit the final of a World Cup; and see if I could follow Albon and Gasly. And see if I could score. In the end, we didn't get him. And I'm very happy, "he told EFE.

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