The Eternals of Marvel is still in production thanks to teleworking

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The current situation in the film industry is quite complicated. And, due to its nature, it is difficult to advance productions through telework. However, that does not mean that absolutely nothing can be done about it. This has been demonstrated by Marvel, which confirms that they continue to work on the movie The Eternals from home. Specifically, with advances in visual effects issues.

The information comes from the studio that works on the film's FX: Scanline VFX Studios. Something that we have been able to know thanks to the publication of an extensive statement that the company has made available to everyone through Twitter. However, this statement does not serve to know if the film will end up also being delayed, which is very likely considering that the release date was scheduled for next November 2020.

In any case, the statement makes it clear that the work has continued to be carried out on different fronts. This is what it says about it: "The 650 Scanline teams in the Los Angeles, Vancouver, Montreal, London, Munich, Stuttgart and Seoul studios are successfully working from home, transforming Scanline into a completely remote visual effects studio for the time being.".

On the other hand, the company sends a message of hope in the face of possible delays: "This is undoubtedly an important advance for the post-production of the film, and also for the company, which will be able to continue.".

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Anyway, Marvel fans are more aware of Black Widow, the movie that was supposed to start Phase 4 of the UCM and which has already been officially delayed (and indefinitely). Going back to Marvel's Eternals, remember that the movie already has an official synopsis right now. You can read it here.

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