The emotional message of support from the captains of the National Team to the elderly

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Irene Paredes, Jenni Hermoso and Virginia Torrecilla, captains of the Spanish soccer team, transmitted this Wednesday their 'affection' and 'support' to older people living in residences, "where the impact generated by the COVID-19 crisis is being suffered especially," according to the Royal Spanish Football Federation in a statement.

Through a video sent to the San Jerónimo de Estella residence, where its workers have decided to stay and live with the elderly for the duration of the quarantine, Jenni Hermoso, Irene Paredes and Virginia Torrecilla left their message of encouragement.

Jenni Hermoso stressed that the elderly must be cared for 'as if they were unique', He transmitted a lot of strength and a lot of encouragement, asked them to resist and congratulated the workers who are taking care of them for their initiative. "Hopefully everyone will take care of our elders as you are doing," said the Madrid forward.

For her part, Virginia Torrecilla highlighted the important work of the caregivers. "With people like you who support this initiative, we will move forward," he said.

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Irene Paredes used a soccer term: 'Together we will win the match'.

The Spanish coach, Jorge Vilda, also thanked the gesture of the workers of the residence and the president of the National Committee for Women's Soccer, Rafael del Amo, praised his 'sacrifice, commitment and generosity' with the elderly.

Since the beginning of the quarantine, 62 elderly people have lived in the San Jerónimo de Estella residence together with their caregivers. It was they, the 15 workers with their director, David Cabrero at the helm, who took the initiative to reside there to pay the maximum attention to these people and thus avoid contagion due to coronavirus, 'reported the Royal Spanish Football Federation.

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