The Elder Scrolls 6 could already be in development

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When it was announced The Elder Scrolls VI, at E3 2018, Todd Howard was very clear: it would still take a long time to see him. More than anything because it wasn't even in development. He even claimed that the technology needed to make the game a reality did not exist yet. At that point, he implied that the game could be intended for the next generation of consoles. Now, a job offer from Bethesda suggests that the title might already be in development.

In fact, as they have discovered on Reddit (we via Gamesradar), the vacancies published on the developer's website have led fans to believe that Starfield's development is ending. And, logically, that would imply that they are already working on the next installment of the mythical saga The Elder Scrolls.

The fact is that Bethesda Game Studios is hiring several programmers to boost "the vanguard of the development of role-playing games for PCs and consoles" and help with the "implementation of new game features: player and characters", as well as "character behaviors, combat, powers, user interface, etc. ".

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Another detail that suggests that Starfield is close to being finished, is the fact that Bethesda is also recruiting a video editor to create trailers of its games, which implies that Starfield could be presented to the world with a complete marketing campaasapland and television commercials, very soon.

However, keep in mind that there is no confirmation from Bethesda. What is expected is that they do not take long to reveal new information about their projects. And since the announcement of 2018, they have barely talked about both games (Starfield and TES VI). Now that PS5 and Xbox Series X are closer, it would not be a bad time to learn new data, right?

Sources: Gamesradar / Reddit

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