The DualSense of PS5 will be able to make us feel the rain and the weather through the game

There are many wonders that have already told us about the next DualSense, the innovative controller that will bring PS5 under the arm. But of all those things that we can do with it, it is surprising and very much the one that a developer has just told.

Basically, this one states that the controller will allow us to feel the weather through the game. For example, with things like rain. How? Thanks to a sophisticated registration system that would allow us to feel practically every drop of rain that we see on screen through haptic feedback.

As reported by Eggplant, the information has come through the latest episode of Play, Watch, Listen, a podcast presented by former IGN editor Alanah Pearce. In it, songwriter Austin Wintory, game designer and developer Mike Bithell, and voice actor Troy Baker have talked about this and other cool features of the upcoming DualSense.

When it comes to the weather, it all starts when guests talk about how those sounds are usually captured for a game. And from there, they compare it to the Unreal Engine 5 demo that we saw last week. In what sense? Wintory notes that the new engine promises to deliver audio that allows for the sampling of a single raindrop, at which point each individual raindrop becomes its own ‘event’. That way, the game could scale and raise sound and rain as needed.

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But it has been Bithell (developer of the great Thomas Was Alone) who has given more information about it, implying (confirming what Wintory commented) that he has already been able to test PS5 to experiment with this and other DualSense functions that, according to him, we will love them.

In addition, Bithell also ends by commenting that he has seen some demonstrations related to haptic feedback specifically related to raindrops which implies that the controller will allow you to feel when it is raining in the game or even other environmental effects.


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