The director of Respawn wants the games to have "Cabezón Mode" again

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The executive director and the director of Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order, Stig Asmussen, wants the "Bighead Mode" to return to the games, and even talked to Lucasfilm about it.

Information that Asmussen himself dropped in statements for IGN on the occasion of the recent release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. In them, he also talked about his time at Sony Santa Monica or the story of the success of sales of God of War among other topics.

"In the past, Midway Games had a lot to do with having 'Bighead Mode' in games"said Asmussen. "We have to bring them back". When the idea of ​​adding Big Head Mode to Jedi Star Wars: Fallen Order came up, Asmussen said: "We've had some conversations with Lucasfilm about it … actually, I think they were quite open to that.".

Asmussen also discussed hidden modes and functionality in other games, such as Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. "At that time, you entered a small code and the game would remember your player profile. Or … if you placed a special code, an original player profile would appear that could not be discovered otherwise. If you put PNK666, you have to play like a green mohawk, a big version of me with a chainsaw. Then there was … STG333 it was … Well, I had a steel baseball bat and it was much more than 'a normal Stig … This kind of thing . ".

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Once, Asmussen even used the secret code to impress his current wife. "However, one thing that was really cool is … I think it was on the second date with my wife. We were at this bar, in San Francisco, a place called The Crowbar. I don't think it's close. Now, but it used to have this great game room next door. ", Asmussen said, "After we left, we were on our way to the car or whatever, and I said: 'Let's stop here for a second', and I went to Gauntlet, I put the coin, I put the code and she said: 'That's you! ".

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