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 The director of Joker does not believe that the success is due to being a comic character and details of the script

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Official image of Todd Phillips and Joaquin Phoenix on the Joker set (2019)

A new year has begun which means that we finally enter the awards stage to congratulate the best premieres of 2019 and "Joker" He appeared in October with great force to win an Oscar. To encourage members of the Academy to vote for her as Best Adapted Screenplay, Warner Bros. has released the script to the network so that everyone can read it, leaving some details of the movie.

Beyond that, we also collect a couple of statements from director Todd Phillips in which he confesses that he does not believe that the success of his film is due to the previous popularity of the character and the possibilities of a sequel, a topic already widely discussed.

Starting with the first, Phillips believes that If the movie has raised a billion dollars it is not due to being connected with Batman.

I think there is more than that. I mean, I think there are issues that have resonated more with people. No one thought that an R-rated movie could make a billion dollars worldwide but I think people connected with the movie's themes. What Scott Silver and I did when we wrote the script was to create something with meaning within the realm of comics and talk about what happened in 2016, when we started writing. It was quite obvious what was happening in our country in 2017 and I wanted to use the Joker to make a film about the loss of compassion and the lack of decorum in the world.

I have gone all over the world with this movie and, speaking with the audience, there are those who see it as an attack on the America of the moment and others as a mirror in which their country is reflected, in regard to the lack of compassion and wealth and equality.

As for the possibility of a sequel, Phillips repeats that they are conversations that occur naturally due to the high collection of the film and that both he and actor Joaquin Phoenix are willing to return, although nobody has decided anything yet .

Next, and as we have commented at the beginning of the post, We collect the different data that can be found in the movie script.

  • As they have tired of telling us, and as explicitly seen in the final result, "Joker" does not belong to any continuity and lives in his own world. The script begins with a writing that comes to make that clear without double intentions and describes it as “A Warner Bros. movie.”.
  • In the film Sophie's fate is left in the air, the character played by Zazie Beetz, when it is discovered that his relationship with Arthur has been in his head. However, as mentioned on other occasions, the script confirms that Sophie survives her encounter with the Joker. What's more, Arthur leaves a wad of bills (stolen from Randall, his co-worker he murders) along with the message "I'll be at the Murray Franklin show tonight … please watch it" and his bouquet of flowers that he used for magic tricks. The moment you will leave the gift dressed as Joker can be seen in the trailers.
  • Thomas and Martha Wayne's killer is not given a name, referred to as punk in a generic way.
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Related to this last point, director Kevin Smith has commented on his recent podcast that he has been told that there is an alternative ending to the film. In this, we see a flashback when Arthur is in the psychiatric hospital in the last scene of the film and in which we see that he is the one who kills Thomas and Martha Wayne, leaving Bruce an orphan. However, the turn would come when Joker would turn at the last moment and kill little Bruce, this being the shot that would close the tape and the joke that the psychologist "I wouldn't catch".

Anyway, reporter Steven Weintraub has turned to production sources that have denied him that this idea was even considered in the script and, therefore, was not recorded. It seems that Kevin Smith has skated again.

We close with the design of one of the ambulances that appear in the film and that keep a visual reference to the makeup that Heath Ledger looks like as the Joker in "The dark knight" of 2008.

This design of the back of this ambulance in Joker (2019) looks familiar from MovieDetails

Via information | Deadline | Lines of "Joker" | Fatman on Batman

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