The Devil is a Part-Timer: the ending infuriates the fans, death threats for the author

A few months ago, Kadokawa had confirmed that during the summer the conclusion of The Devil is a Part-Timer would come, the famous series of light novels by Satoshi Wagahara which in 2013 even got a lucky anime adaptation. According to fans, however, the ending would have proved "disastrous", and consequently the first threats arrived.

The story has several similarities with what happened a few months ago to the author of Domestic Girlfriend. Even in that case, the conclusion did not satisfy the fanbase, and a few hours after the publication began to arrive the first death threats. For spoiler reasons we will not report details on the ending, but in case you are extremely curious you can find a summary in the comments of the post visible at the bottom. In all cases, we anticipate that the conclusion will certainly be very divisive.

For those unfamiliar with the work, remember that the protagonist of Hataraku Maou-sama! it is Satan, lord of demons about to conquer the archipelago of Ente Isla, a fantastic world where the forces of good and evil collide. Before being defeated by a hero, Satan decides to retire and reorganize himself together with the devoted general Alsiel, opening a passage and reappearing, despite himself, in the Tokyo of the current year. Stripped of his powers and his demonic form, the villain is forced to find a part-time job and prepare to return to his world but, one day, the heroine Emilia awaits him at the door of his apartment, who also dived into the passage to do not let his enemy escape.

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