The development of GTA 6 would have been confirmed in the latest Rockstar tax return

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It is still too soon to know if Grand Theft Auto VI It is in development or not. At least at the official level. What is clear is that the last tax return of Rockstar Games, the company behind the saga, could have revealed that they are already working on the game. There is no explicit comment, but there are data that expert analysts have related to that possibility. Then we tell you all the details.

Thus, the information comes from TaxWatch UK (us via Gamesradar), which ensures that Rockstar North requested a sasaplandificant increase in its video game tax exemption claims with HMRC in the United Kingdom for 2018/2019. And, it seems, the claims were approved on the basis that your ongoing project is registered as "Culturally British." That is, that tax requirement of the United Kingdom that allows video game developers to seek large subsidies for productions that have cultural ties to the territory.

And that's exactly where, from TaxWatch UK, they relate concepts. As they comment, Grand Theft Auto has its roots in the development of British games, and since Rockstar has not registered any of its other properties as "Culturally British", this last tax relief claim could be attributed to the "Production of the next edition of GTA.".

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In any case, one does not have to rule out that it could be the rumored Bully 2, which also has very close ties with the United Kingdom. In fact, at the time there was talk of a possible casting started at Pinewood Studios, a British company with extensive experience in the world of television, film and video games.

We will have to be aware of upcoming news, since, apart from this rumor, today we have known that Take-Two would be pressing Rockstar Games to launch more games. That is, so that they do not focus solely on massive projects and also minor titles arrive. Which would allow to see more releases on a regular basis.

Sources: Gamesradar / TaxWatch UK

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