the DC film will use the same technology as the series

Rob Bredow, Creative Director of Industrial Light & Magic, revealed that the technology known as “StageCraft” (or “The Volume”) developed for The Mandalorian will also be used. for the filming of some scenes of The Batman.

As explained in the past few months, it is a technology that uses a Led Wall to create incredibly realistic outdoor environments on an indoor set. For example, most of the Disney + sequences set outdoors were actually made inside a studio.

In this way the ILM team will continue to collaborate with the director of photography Greig Fraser, which just recently earned an Emmy for The Mandalorian. Fraser is the second person involved in the production of the Star Wars series to embrace “The Volume” after Taika Waititi, who will harness the potential of this innovative technology to shoot his Thor: Love and Thunder at Fox Studios Australia.

This choice has to do above all with a huge amount time saving for development, also given the new limitations due to the pandemic. As Bredow explained, in fact, “The holy grail is that the entire workflow can be done in real time, with less waiting time for computers to process.”

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