The Crew 2: Ubisoft announces the arrival of the Seasons with Year 3

Tonight’s Ubisoft Forward also talked about The Crew 2, the title based on cars, helicopters and boats that is about to receive another year of content that will delight fans.

The new trailer for The Crew 2 explains that the game is about to officially enter theYear 3, which will welcome three different seasons over the next few months: one a november 2020, An A March 2021 ed one to July 2021. Each of these seasons will last four months and will be marked by the arrival of two distinct episodes: the first should debut at the beginning of the season and the second exactly in the middle of the same.

These episodes will correspond to particular adventures that will narrate the frenetic actions of the TV series published on Motorflix, the equivalent of Netflix in the universe created by Ubisoft. The first episode, The Chase, will put players in the shoes of a group of robbers who will try to rob a bank and then have to escape from the speedy police cars. The Chase is due out next time November 25, 2020 and it is currently unclear whether this content will be available exclusively to those who purchase a season pass or if it can be played by all owners of a copy of the game.

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