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 The composer of The Umbrella Academy advances new characters and settings for the second season

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Image of The Umbrella Academy 1x10: The White Violin

The second season of The Umbrella Academy It is currently, as was discovered recently after quite some time without news, in the middle of the post-production phase, although we are still waiting for a release date for Netflix. The end of the first season was completely open, and now they can shoot down many different paths.

In an interview, series composer Jeff Russo has advanced major changes for the new episodes, including a new setting and new characters. Basically he commented that "Without a doubt there is a great change of scenery, that's for sure", referring to the great cliffhanger with whom the first season ended, and has already discussed his approach when creating the score for the series:

We used the score in a very meaningful way to support the emotional arcs of all of our characters in season 1. We will do it again in season two. There are some new characters with whom we are going to have fun from the perspective of the score and that is always fun, proposing new thematic ideas for the new characters and how to highlight them. So there are many new things and then there are many things the same. It's a lot of both, but it's definitely an exciting ride this year..

Until now, not much is known about the new season. The last time we saw them, (Spoiler: select the text to see it) the Hargreeves brothers attempted a time jump, but it is unclear on what date and place they ended up landing (END SPOILER). Russo's interview confirms that the brothers will meet new people along the way, and hopefully help them prevent the world from ending.

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