The complaint by a former partner of Michael Jordan about a historic fight in training: "I have another version"

The documentary The Last Dance he drew so much admiration for Michael Jordan as well as reviews and new versions of what happened in the golden years of the Chicago Bulls. The star of that multi-champion team made reference during the series to the crossing he had during training with a partner. MJ admitted that he hit Steve Kerr and later apologized, although the current Golden State Warriors coach contradicted him.

"I have another feeling about that episode. I remember Phil Jackson coming up to his office because he had to take a call from the NBA and that's when we fought. When Phil came down to see what was going on, I remember him coming up to me and saying, 'You're going to have to fix that.' I replied: ‘My eye or my relationship with Michael?’ ”, said the former base that militated for the Bulls from 93 to 98, in dialogue with the podcast Green Light from Chris Long.

Kerr was not a promoted player nor was he first selected when he came to the NBA. Phoenix caught him and had it for a year, but where he made a name for himself was with the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he played four seasons before joining the Orlando Magic and landing in Chicago. “Michael recognized that some were very applied. Maybe we didn't have charisma, but we went in and gave everything. I'm sure he thought that of me. "Steve said in the ninth episode of The last Dance.

Chapter 9 of the series describes what happened in the Bulls' gym: Kerr was marking an aggressive Jordan who was verbally taking revenge against his rival on duty, who was annoyed by the result against. Coach Jackson tried to calm things down by charging some fouls to avoid friction. Michael was further enraged, fouled Kerr and yelled, "That is a fucking fault".

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"I am a very patient person but I tend to explode at some point because I am also very competitive. Maybe I cannot back it up, but I fight," said Kerr, who landed a blow to his partner's chest. Jordan responded with a punch to his eye and Jackson kicked him out of practice. While showering alone, the NBA star said he felt small for hitting the shortest player and asked for his number to call him on the phone and apologize. "We talked about it and, perhaps in a strange way, defending myself against him was the best thing I did, because he pushed everyone to the limit and I stood before him. From that moment our relationship and trust improved dramatically," Kerr closed.

Their relationship solidified but Jordan's version says there was an apology and Kerr's did not.


While shining with the Bulls, Michael Jordan suffered a very severe emotional hit with the murder of his father in an attempted robbery in 93. It was something that related him to his partner Steve Kerr, who had suffered a similar event in 1984, when Her father, president of the American University in Beirut (capital of Lebanon, a country in conflict with the United States), was shot by two attackers who pretended to be students.

“We never talk to our parents about Michael. I think it was too painful for both of us, ”said Kerr.


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