The clash between Itachi and Sasuke becomes a fantastic collectible statue

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The series of Naruto Shippuden it is full of spectacular, moving, terrible moments, which involved almost all the main characters, and also revealing much more important secrets and backgrounds than readers could have imagined, as happened for the chapters covering the three volumes, from 42 to 44 , of the manga created by Kishimoto.

The history of the Uchiha clan has been a great mystery from the beginning and only through the chapters mentioned above and subsequent revelations have we been able to understand what the reasons that led Itachi to exterminate his whole family, excluding little brother Sasuke. Between attempts at coups, suicides and very special orders, the young boy was forced to kill his closest relatives.

Sasuke, not knowing the truth related to political and diplomatic issues, from an early age he tried to improve himself, with one goal: avenge the clan by killing Itachi. The final clash between the two takes place in the emblematic secret refuge of the Uchiha clan, and ends with the victory of Sasuke. Before dying, due to a terrible disease, Itachi gives his brother his powers, namely the hypnotic Sharingan and the Amaterasu technique.

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The moments before Itachi's death they were represented in a beautiful statue collectible, shared by user @ 0bitofan that you can admire in the images at the bottom of the news. An extraordinary tribute to one of the most touching and significant fights in the Naruto Shippuden series. We also remember that the two Uchiha brothers have already been protagonists of a very detailed figure.

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