The Case Study of Vanitas pauses for fear of Covid: it is the first manga to do so

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Inevitably, the pandemic that does not seem to want to end but that every day sees increasing cases all over the world is severely testing the resistance of the mangaka. In Japan, the virus has not spread as much as in other countries, but the alert remains high. And for this the manga The Case Study of Vanitas decides not to risk.

Via Twitter, the mangaka Jun Mochizuki said that Vanitas no Cards, known in the West under the title of The Case Study of Vanitas, will be on break indefinitely. In fact, the author fears Coronavirus since its creation process is completely manual and therefore needs assistants who go back and forth between the studio and their homes.

In consultation with the staff of Square Enix, the publishing house for which it is published The Case Study of Vanitas, the mangaka exposed her doubts about the current working method and agreed on an indefinite break to safeguard both her health and that of the assistants. Square Enix's Gangan Joker magazine will therefore lose one of its flagship titles for several months.

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It could be alone a matter of time before other authors decide to do the same, especially after finding out that Shogakukan had to close offices for finding that one of his employees was positive for the virus. Given also the constant relationship between mangaka and editor, it is not impossible that these are infected by those who work in the company.

Many companies are avoiding holding events like Comiket or le trips to the Ghibli Museum. The Tokyo 2020 Olympics have also been postponed to favor a date in 2021 which will hopefully not be plagued by the Coronavirus.

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