The Bump of Chicken join ONE PIECE in this nice design

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The series of ONE PIECE has conquered millions of fans all over the world, recording record numbers both for the sales of the tankobons and for the box office receipts with its countless films, therefore it is not surprising that some fans want to insert the work of Eiichiro Oda in contexts totally different and closer to other mediums.

The user @_bouvardia shared on his Twitter profile the image that you can find at the bottom of the news. It is a beautiful design, with a style very similar to that adopted by the master Oda, which portrays the captain of the Mugiwara, Monkey D. Luffy, on a small boat, together with Chopper, and an individual that somehow seems to resume the traits of Sanji.

Despite being very similar, the character is not Gamba Nera, but the singer and frontman of the Japanese rock group Bump of Chicken, or Motoo Fujiwara. Represented in what appears to be a quiet boat trip, the characters seem to be having fun. While the two names are written directly on the boat, i two symbols, that of Mugiwara and that of the band of Bump of Chicken, can be seen on the right side of the drawing, in two small banners.

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A really well done illustration, in which one of the most iconic and important series in the world is united, and an extremely popular group in Japan. Recall that currently the anime of ONE PIECE has arrived at the closure of the first act of the narrative arc of Wano, while chapter 967 of the manga has shown a important moment in the life of Gol D. Roger.

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