The Boys, Madelyn Stillwell’s son has superpowers? A new theory

Than the son of the disappearance Margaret Stillwell may he still have secret super powers? Stillwell played by Elizabeth Shue was the corporate face of the Vought during the first season, before being killed with laser eyes by the Patriot of Antony Starr, now tired of her influence over him.

In addition to keeping a mind the 7 and take care of the Patriot personallyTrying to contain her psychopathy and murderous rampage, all her quirks, Stillwell was also the mother of the little Teddy, that although initially it might have seemed important now a new theory would like the child to be may have superpowers that are still untold, as well as being the child of the secret love between Patriot and Margaret.

The child survived the fury of Patriot, found 17 miles from Stillwell’s home completely unharmed. The hypothesis is that Patriot saved the child along with Butcher, but something doesn’t add up, because the leader of the 7 never had any qualms about killing children when he shot down a jet in flight, anyway he saw in Teddy an obstacle between him and Stillwell, confronting us directly.

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Hence the idea that little Teddy may have saved himself, perhaps flying away unconsciously (he is too small to understand his powers) and finding himself in an area not so far from the explosion of the house. Maybe his body withstood the blast, but threw it miles away like a bullet, without scratching it.

However we imagine that we will find out more about the baby in the already highly anticipated third season of The Boys.


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