The Boys, Erin Moriarty suggests the arrival of an album for Starlight

During the first moments of the second season of The Boys, Starlight stages a heartfelt tribute to Translucent’s disappearance, broadcast live worldwide during the latter’s funeral. In the last few days, the official Twitter page of the show has released the clip and now there are news to come …

Apparently, after the success of the clip, Erin Moriarty – interpreter of the character of Starlight – has suggested that we will probably see the arrival of an entire album she sang as Starlight. All this, of course, on one condition: Antony Starr (Homelander) and Jack Quaid (Hughie) will have to provide their voices as vocal support for the duration of the record. Moriarty herself joked about it by writing on Twitter: “Retweet if Starlight should release an album on Voughtify“.

As you know, the second season of The Boys will be broadcast one episode at a time on Prime Video contrary to the first season, this novelty has infuriated the fans who are badly reviewing the series out of spite. Meanwhile, the new season has also met the enthusiasm of Kevin Smith: “Just wonderful. Absolutely fucking wonderful, man … It was all great and the Stormfront character in the third episode was really extraordinary. I think this is where the story really starts to take flight“.

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We will therefore have to wait a little longer to find out how the events of Billy Butcher and his companions will end. One thing is certain, there was no shortage of twists and unexpected deaths in this second season of The Boys. While waiting to find out what the next installments will be like, take a look at our review of the first three episodes of The Boys 2.


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