The Boys 2×06: who is Stormfront really?

There was a need for a U-turn to give the second season of The Boys that extra push that would move the story. Not that we did not like the events so far made by the new block of episodes of the Prime Video series, but it was quite clear as the pen of Eric Kripke was less sharp than in the past, devoid of the surprise effect of Season 1 and sometimes trapped in some problems of rhythm and management of the very rich roster of characters available.

If from the Super side we could not complain, for the dosage of twists and impact moments (read here the review of The Boys 2×05), it was the storylines of the Boys that so far had not fully convinced us. In view of the grand finale, however (there are actually only three episodes, including the sixth), a change of course was needed which has finally arrived: let’s find out, without too many spoilers, in our The Boys 2×06 review.

Il Save Groove

The boys must now take advantage of all the information obtained so far. The media scandal following the unmasking of the Compound V, unfortunately, it did not have the desired effects, even though public opinion is beginning to have doubts about the Super loyalty. But it seems, more than anything else, for this to happen because of the actions of the Seven themselves, led by a Patriot who seems to no longer be in control of the situation, too distracted by the arrival of Stormfront – with whom he started an ambiguous relationship, as evidenced by the super sex scene in The Boys 2×05. However, Starlight, Hughie e LM have come into possession of valuable information: Stormfront is not who he says he is, and he is definitely not as old as he looks. The mysterious superhero was once a vigilante named Liberty, which in the seventies persecuted the African American population: in addition, it seems to be linked to Vought itself, including the dark secrets that for the past 50 years have involved the birth and exploitation of the Supers.

The Boys and Annie found only one clue buried in Stormfront emails: a psychiatric institution called Save Groove, which Butcher’s gang doesn’t waste a moment infiltrating.

Leaving aside some too much naivety in the narrative mechanisms of this parenthesis (the infiltration itself, despite being a maximum security structure, is left very little space), in reality the real protagonist of the episode is Frenchie, who until now had been the least incisive character of the whole season. The episode takes its time not only to finally delve into the past of the French, but also to dig deeper into the past of the Boys: inside the psychiatric institute Frenchie will find an old acquaintance, Lamplighter: a name linked as much to his tragic past as to that of the gang, but which will prove to be fundamental in unveiling an important revelation both on the role of Stormfront and on its identity.

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The truth comes out

Before coming to the final confrontation with the character played by Aya cash, Patriot seems too busy regaining points against public opinion instead of realizing that most of the Seven are plotting behind him. In addition toabsence of Starlight (for which, we wonder, why no member of Vought wonders) is above all Maeve to weave a new plot to destroy Homelander: the heroine she got from Abyss, in exchange for his return to the Seven as soon as possible, a video of the massacre that the leader of the superheroes made a short time before, denying the rescue of passengers from a crashing plane.

Unfortunately, his partner also discovers the existence of the video, but the consequences that this revelation could have on the relationship between the two women are left to the next episode: this cue gives us the opportunity to think about another of the problems of this season, or the management of some secondary storylines, too fragmented and too short, as well as excessively diluted over time.

in the meantime A-Train, who is preparing to leave the Seven on the orders of Vought and Patriot, joins Abyss, who wants to convince him to become a testimonial of the Church he has helped The Deep in his social rehabilitation process. In truth, even this parenthesis has little convinced us, and we sincerely hope that the sprinter (one of the most interesting characters of the past season) will not suffer the same fate as Abyss, trapped in a slightly fluctuating and cloying narrative management.

In short, while Vought shoots a cinecomic based on the origins of the Seven and Patriot is linked to Stormfront, the whole company ignores that much of the supergroup is plotting behind the same company, and everything seems in some way connected to the mysterious figure of Stormfront. And it is precisely with the attack on the Save Groove, in which the Boys find themselves involved due to a mass evasion, that they finally emerge details on Stormfront’s shocking past. The true identity of the woman is revealed before the eyes of an incredulous Patriot, but it seems that the consequences of this twist – really well managed in terms of rhythm and pathos – will further change the character of the powerful Homelander.


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