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 The Birds of Prey box office exceeds $ 200 million after its Japanese premiere

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Image of Birds of Prey (2020)

The movie "Birds of prey" comes next week in digital rental to the United States, but before that, it has reached Japan theaters, where the coronavirus pandemic is more controlled. Box office data for this Friday-Sunday have been 2.09 million dollars in Japanese territory, which points to Japan's total estimate of 5-7 million dollars for the DC Comics movie.

A not especially high figure that could be thought of is due to the coronavirus, but industry experts explain that the economy there is not as affected as for example in Spain or the United States, and that it is explained rather by a lack of interest in the movie.

These data are really at levels similar to those set "Shazam!" in 2019 (5.58 million), but that at least make the total box office of the movie starring Margot Robbie overcome the 200 million dollar barrier. of the some 84.1 million come from their domestic box office.

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In its box office for Japan, the film "The Man of Steel" for example he got 9 million dollars, "Aquaman" achieved 14.8 million and Joker it skyrocketed to $ 46 million.

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