The best Switch games for less than € 5, Nintendo eShop discounts

A few days ago Nintendo kicked off a new wave of discounts on Switch games, with rock bottom prices starting at 99 cents. There are many securities on offer, and choosing where to invest your savings could be difficult. For this, we have selected for you some of the best video games for less than 5 euros.

The first title we would like to recommend is Mark of the Ninja Remastered at € 4.99, a re-edition of one of the best stealth games of the past generation of consoles complete with all additional content. Klei’s production develops in two dimensions, and is characterized by superfine mechanics and a complex level design that stimulate the continuous experimentation of alternative approaches. Staying in the Klei house, we also point out Don’t Starve: Nintendo Switch Edition (4.99 euros), among the best exponents of the survival genre of recent years. Filled with science and magic, the title puts you in the shoes of Wilson, an intrepid scientist trapped by a demon in a mysterious, completely deserted world. Wilson will have to learn to use his surroundings and the inhabitants of that desolate world to return home. The Reign of Giants expansion is also included.

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We also recommend the immortal card game One (€ 3.99), perfect for animating evenings with friends, Runner3 (1.79 euros), which worthily continues the rhythmic-musical tradition of the BIT.TRIP.RUNNER series, and Crypt of the NecroDancer: Nintendo Switch Edition (€ 3.99), an original roguelike that sacrifices tactical complexity on the altar of rhythm.

What do you think of our suggestions? Find the complete list of discounted games for less than five euros on Nintendo eShop. Do not hesitate to take advantage of the comments area if you are looking for clarification or if you want to share your advice with other users.


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