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 The best references to Marvel and Star Wars in the Simpsons

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The best references to Marvel and Star Wars in the Simpsons

Disney + – in its American version, not the Spanish version – is leading a very active campaign on social networks, sharing a lot of content related to the broad catalog that the streaming platform has. In that content strategy he has left us a couple of curious videos that concern two themes directly related to the blog and with a mythical series from the childhood of many, "The Simpson".

These are two videos of two and a half minutes that collect some of the best references that the once Fox series has dedicated to marvel superheroes, in a video, and the galactic franchise Star wars, in the other one. This allows us to remember iconic moments such as Homer's "transformation" in Hulk; when Homer becomes a watchman and recreates the scene of Spider-Man's face-down kiss; or also when Homer says out loud that Darth Vader is Luke's father when he is leaving the cinema and in front of the queue of the person who is waiting to see the movie. However, we are left with other iconic moments related to the Marvel universe such as the diverse, and wonderful, Stan Lee cameos in three episodes.

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