The best movies to watch at Christmas 2019

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, in which we share time with our loved ones. One of the most interesting plans is to spend a sofa and blanket afternoon watching one of the best Christmas movies 2019. Then we have made a selection of the most recommended, for all tastes: animation, comedy …

Polar express

One of the best Christmas movies to watch as a family. Polar Express is an animated film that tells the adventures of a boy just eight years old on the night of December 24. Just when he begins to completely lose hope of continuing to believe in the existence of Santa Claus, a Polar Express appears to take him to the North Pole, where thousands of adventures await him.

The Christmas chronicles

A Netflix production That is having great success among the public. The protagonists are Kate and Teddy, two brothers who have decided to get on Santa's sleigh, which could have catastrophic consequences. Both will have to help Santa to solve the problem and that everything returns to normal.

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A princess for Christmas

If you like romantic movies, A princess for Christmas will love you. Jules and his nephews travel to the castlebury castle, where they will enjoy a vacation with their grandfather, an English duke. There, Jules meets Ashton, the prince of Castlebury, and love arises.

A neighbor with few lights

One of the best Christmas movies for comedy lovers. Steve is a father who loves Christmas. However, this year he is frustrated by the arrival of his new neighbor Danny, who wants to light his entire house so that it can be seen from space. Both start a war to have the best Christmas decoration.

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