The best memes of The Lord of the Rings, the other side of Middle-earth

The meme is a reflection of popular influence, a scale that measures the extent to which a scene, an image or even a dialogue has penetrated the collective imagination. Its origins are very varied, from 100% original creations to viral snapshots given to multiple interpretations or film frames. But the base is always the same, a visual composition was given to evoke a certain feeling or a particularly recurring type of situation in our lives. From there it begins to build a whole world of irony that can sometimes give us a good laugh. If we take all this into account and think In the Lord of the Rings film trilogy, memes will begin to come to our heads faster than the Gray Shadow himself, which makes clear the impact of these films on popular culture.

The popularity levels of the trilogy, which has been around for 20 years, remain high. A good example of this is the large number of memes linked to certain characters or scenes. And is that The Lord of the Rings has a good collection of moments, images, dialogues and phrases, which have been creeping into our everyday vocabulary. “You can not pass, “meat is back on the menu”, “I will not say, do not weep”and a long etcetera. That’s why today we propose to review some of the most famous and recurring memes of Middle Earth. Something that, we hope, helps us to get to know our favorite characters a little better. We begin.

Sam the quick

We start with the good of Samsagaz Gamyi, the most loyal hobbit in the country, but not the fastest. A character who began as a gardener and who was climbing in society, thanks to the money accumulated in his travels, until he became a personality in his hometown. He even published several books once he was retired. But to achieve amassing such a fortune he had to put up with his boss’s heavy, a not empathetic character who made fun of him when he was about to leave his town and threw it to the lions of the internet. There began a somewhat difficult time, in which he had to put up with how everyone pointed their finger at him and said that: “Sam goes lentin”. But at the end of the road, after taking the suitcases to his boss throughout the adventure and ending up carrying him (it is said that the guy was a bit lazy and a bit whiny) in the last section, he found his reward, made his fortune and He returned to his land as a complete winner. What’s more, left the salt during his trip to Mordor and now he is phenomenal from the tension.

Aragorn, the procastinator

Aragorn, the Ranger of the North called to inherit the crown of Gondor, a guy who at first may seem quiet and taciturn. However, as her facial hair grows, she gains oratorical ability. In fact, at the end of the adventure (when his beard grows faster) he comes up and uncovers himself as a great orator when haranguing his troops in front of the black gate of Mordor. You have to have a lot of cleverness to get that group of individuals, who must have had no sleep for almost a week, follow you into battle when they face an army led by armored golems and nazgûls with winged mounts. As a smart guy that he is, he achieved it with a song typical of the average procrastinator (something that concerns us all a bit), or what is the same, alluding to that of: “Today is not that day, I’ll do it tomorrow”. He resigned the throne, aware of his ability to convince third parties, with the intention of making a living as a commercial. In the end, the crisis in the north cut short his dream and he ended up giving in to his teacher, Elrond, who convinced him to return to the path of the monarchy. Friends agree with him as heavy. Sing in the shower.

Legolas, “hawk eye”

“Legolas! What do your elf eyes see?” … The joke tells itself. Although in reality what we have here is an Aragorn who seems to be prepared to be king, but who must improve his manners if he is not to make mistakes. It is not a good idea to go around calling people “elf”, and less someone who, like Idris Elba, is aware that he was born to be cool. Legolas is a character whose cockiness exceeds the limits of the rational. But of course, Going too cool has its consequences, and it is useless if you kill 23 orcs if when you fail to hit the only one who was decisive. A lot of spectacular horse riding, a lot of killing elephants and walking on snow, but Helm’s Deep fell because of him, we all know that. His Elf eyes don’t always work that well. Of course, he was the only one to realize the danger Boromir ran in battle, because of being played by Sean Bean. He actually wears contact lenses.

Gimly the mathematician

Gimly, son of Glóin, surely the character of the company most mistreated by Peter Jackson, or so some say. It escapes me if the director had any kind of dislike for the character, but he certainly did not draw him as the sanest man in the company. In that sense, the usual discussions with his usual battle partner, Legolas, as well as his iron pride and the piques between them, have worked as a fertilizer for the most varied memes. And we are talking about someone so unstable that as soon as he tells you that he does not trust you as he is proud to die by your side. A guy who had the audacity to ask the Lady of Lothlórien for a hair, Galadriel. I don’t know what that woman must have thought, but having an admirer ask you for a hair sounds, at the very least, weird. Does not know how to count.

Boromir, the negative

It’s not that easy being a character played by Sean Bean. Being aware of the inevitability of your death throughout fiction should not be easy. That may be the reason why Boromir He has gone down in the annals of internet history graphically alluding to one, with his right hand, while making all kinds of excuses for anything that is asked. And it is that, as we all know, for the eldest son of Denethor, Steward of Gondor, nothing is as easy as it seems. Perhaps that is why his father, a person of marked negative character, given to suicide when the battle gets ugly, he chose his first-born as a favorite. The problem? Not having seen a lot of Sean Bean movies. The bet turned out to be a frog. I should have opted for the youngest, Faramir, much more cheerful and positive. A guy brave enough to charge into a city taken by the enemy with twenty colleagues. Boromir grew up in a complicated family. His father always told him no.

Sauron, the reforming jeweler

Everyone knows that normally to enter politics you have to have a good sponsor. That or having a more or less comfortable economic situation. A jewelry store, in good times, goes a long way, and if things go wrong, you know that gold always appreciates. Sauron represents the success of the self-employed craftsman. In his solitude he dedicated himself to the forging of rings of power, a commodity so precious by the rulers of the time that it opened the doors of politics wide for him. Yes what today he could be charged with bribery, it’s true, but they were other times and let’s face it, none of them would have trusted a dark lord if it weren’t for the gifts. In the end, we all like to have the pill browned. The fact is that once in power, determined to create industry and employment, things may get a little out of hand. There is no doubt that its impact has been so great that it has come to be compared to next-generation video consoles and black holes. His fiancee left him when he lost the wedding ring.


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