The best games for your phone in 2020 so far

The best games for your phone in 2020 so far

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Mobile phone gaming is booming. Yes, everyone is excited about the rumours surrounding the PS5, but when it comes to handheld gaming, our smartphones are competing with the very best. We all have at least one game on our phones, right?

With the technological advancements made with our mobile phone devices, the improvement in the gaming options has followed. Gone are the days of playing Snake on a brick-like device, now we have more sophisticated phones than ever before and excellent, console-quality games to match. The gaming options are vast too, with augmented reality creations like Pokemon Go recording massive success of late, alongside casino favourites like roulette where you can click here for details on how you can pay using PayPal. Then there are games like FIFA Mobile, the usual brain trainer games, plus the classic creations like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Gaming on a phone has certainly come a long way.

With so many mobile phone games released on a weekly basis, it can be hard to keep up with the very best creations. So, we thought we’d go through some of the best games for your smartphone in 2020 so far.

Mario Kart Tour

It certainly hogged the headlines when it was released, but not everyone has downloaded it yet. Mario Kart Tour is exactly what you’d expect – brilliantly fun, hard to put down and a pleasure to be able to experience such a classic creation on a mobile phone. Online multiplayer is a fantastic addition to a game that will only get better too. Still, as it stands, Mario Kart Tour is a blast to play, and it’s free.


Fortnite, one of the biggest games ever, is now on mobile. As you’d expect, it has been hugely popular too. Its major selling point has to be the fact that the mobile version of the game is cross-platform, meaning you can play it on a variety of devices without losing any progress. The mobile version isn’t up to the standard of its console and PC versions, but in time it will surely get there. The fact you can enjoy it on a mobile device is the main selling point here, with classic Fortnite mayhem ensuing as you sit on the bus or wait for a doctor’s appointment. Pretty cool, right?

Hatoful Boyfriend

A ridiculous and highly amusing game, Hatoful Boyfriend is a pigeon dating simulator. Yes, you did read that correctly. If you fail at finding the right one and falling in love, you die. There are various puzzles to crack too, which add to the overall comical value of the game. It’s certainly a creation that isn’t taking itself too seriously, which is a huge part of its charm. If you’re after a fun and also slightly mad game to play, then give Hatoful Boyfriend a go.


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A card-based strategy game, Hearthstone has made its way onto mobile with a bang. Featuring characters from the hugely popular World of Warcraft series of games, this is a game where clever minds rise to the top. You need to be strategic, have a plan and be ahead of the game. It’s incredibly tense, too.


Another humongous game away from mobile that has finally made it onto our smartphone devices, Minecraft is one the most relaxing, easy to play games. The classic sandbox, pixelated builder, allows cross-play, which is why it has proven so popular in 2020 already. Essentially, you can play the game on your mobile phone while your friends play it on a PC. Anyone for a bit of block-based fun?

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