the best characters of the famous sitcom for their genius

To be honest, sitcoms aren’t exactly famous for having the smartest and most charismatic characters featured in a series, but one show that certainly never tried to have Nobel Prizes in the main cast was Mike & Molly.

The comedy about an adorable plus-sized couple who live in Chicago while interacting with their friends and family ran for six seasons and was created by sitcom legend Chuck Lorre. However, as fun as the show was, there weren’t many characters showing their thoughts to the audience. Here, though, who are the best main characters of Mike and Molly based on their genius:

  • Molly Flynn: he loved to assert his mental dominion over others. She may not have been as smart as previously thought, but we just stated above that sitcoms aren’t known for their smart characters, and Molly was the brightest light in this chandelier. Her work as a teacher and then as a successful writer and editor was enough to put her on this list.
  • Grandmother: Carl’s grandmother is a character whose level of education is never disclosed, but for a witty and funny woman like her it doesn’t matter. Every second that Carl’s grandmother is on the screen, she either hands out words of wisdom to Mike and Molly or makes a comedic line about Carl that makes the audience laugh.
  • Joyce Flynn: she is mentioned several times throughout the show as someone who could have had a fantastic future had it not been for the birth of her daughters. He doesn’t make mistakes, he loves Molly and Victoria and wouldn’t trade them for anything in the world, but the number of times Joyce has been said to have a worthwhile future indicates that she must have some level of preparation. Not to mention that she has raised two daughters on her own and still somehow manages to pay for a house with five people living in it.
  • Carl McMillan e Mike Biggs: despite seeming opposites, Carl and Mike are actually quite similar in terms of intelligence as a large gap between the two would have seemed unnatural to police partners. To spend all day, every day together, they must of course be compatible, and that includes genius. Just like Mike, Carl appears to be properly educated, but he often takes offense when people make sarcastic jokes or comments at his expense.
  • Peggy: the mother of one of the titular characters put on display the only true riddle in the Mike and Molly series, as Peggy Biggs made it clear from her first appearance that she didn’t want to have anything to do with anyone other than her only child. For this reason, the public never understood her past until Molly decided to write an erotic novel based on her life. Due to this and the fact that Mudlick, the city she grew up in, only had one tree that was used to give directions, we assume her education was not of the highest standard. That said, Mum Biggs proved to be very smart and shrewd, impossible not to include her on this list.
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Did you know that Mike & Molly was canceled and that the sixth season was the last?


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