the best 5 scenes of the famous TV series

The first half of Lucifer’s fifth season was filled with twists that left fans eager to see the second part. Recently, however, the first seasons have arrived in the clear on Italia 1 and therefore many people who do not have a subscription to Netflix are only now catching up on this television series.

For those who, therefore, are only now starting to like Lucifer, know that there are some episodes that you absolutely must not miss. Here are the most important 5 episodes of these five seasons:

  1. A good day to die (episode 13, season 2): this episode made fans hold their breath about Chloe’s future. The team investigates a killer who forces individuals to make serious decisions to test his theory. In the sequel, Chloe is about to die and only Lucifer can save her. He is willing to return to Hell to find the answer, but remains trapped in his own tortuous hell filled with guilt. Events put a strain on Lucifer who decides to make a hasty decision.
  2. The True Essence of the Devil (episode 24, season 3): it is considered one of the best installments of the entire season and shows the consequences left by Quintessence of the Deckerstars. The team uncovers the truth about Pierce and devises a plan to capture his accomplices and bring him to justice. Only Lucifer knows who he really is and how to kill him. In an attempt to save Chloe, Lucifer gets into the crossfire and uses his wings to protect them. The episode takes an unexpected turn when Chloe is confronted with who Lucifer really is and her true nature.
  3. Saving Lucifer (episode 9, season 4): the plot of the episode revolves around the murder of a sister of the real estate agent. As the investigation unfolds, Lucifer and Chloe help him find the truth so that everything can return to normal. At the same time Eve unwittingly causes the beginning of the prophecy which they hoped to stop at all costs.
  4. Who is the new king of hell? (episode 10, season 4): is the final episode of the fourth season and has left fans with a cliffhanger and with great anticipation for the fifth season. As Lucifer returns to his peace of mind, murdering a rapper is more complicated than it sounds. Dromos (Graham McTavish), a demon from hell, inhabits Earth and breaks Lucifer’s ban on physical possessions. He wants nothing more than Lucifer, his king, to return to his throne in Hell. Once he realizes that Lucifer has no intention of returning and living life on Earth, he devises a plan. Only an angel can sit on the throne of Hell and know where to find one.
  5. Spoiler Alert (Episode 8, Season 5): the last episode of the first half of the fifth season left the fans literally speechless. This is due to the fact that a certain great celestial character finally makes his grand appearance. The storyline continues from the previous episode when Chloe realizes they may not have caught their killer. This poses a threat to someone you care about. Meanwhile, Michael continues to play his mind games with Mazikeen, ending up in a giant brawl between Lucifer, Michael, Amenadiel and her within the district. This is until a bright white light appears.
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We leave you with this interview with the protagonist of Lucifer and here is the number of episodes left in Lucifer.


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