The battle between Uraraka and Toga is real: the turning point of My Hero Academia 288

They loved each other so much – or at least one of them did – and in the end they are face to face again. The primo incontro tra Ochako Uraraka e Himiko Toga dates back to the arc of My Hero Academia set during the summer period, when the new group of the Union of Villains fought in the forest of the training retreat.

It’s been a long time since that moment, at least for us readers, while about nine months have passed for the characters in the manga. Himiko Toga has always had Ochako in particular consideration, also exploiting his powers on several occasions. But now it’s time to see them against each other in My Hero Academia.

After Twice’s death, Himiko Toga thought a lot about the relationship with the heroes and obviously who he is immediately jumped to mind is Uraraka. That’s why she jumped right away when she found out the girl was around. She transforms and then draws Uravity away from the crowd and, in an abandoned hut, the two begin to face each other.

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Uraraka does not retreat and, despite having her back to the ground temporarily, she is more determined than ever to save everyone and to arrest Himiko Toga should this interfere. Will the two be the protagonists of My Hero Academia 289?


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