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 The Batman would be in Bruce's second year as Batman

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Batman image in DC comics

At midnight, director Matt Reeves surprised us yesterday with the first look at the bat-suit we will see in his movie "The Batman", creating all kinds of opinions about it for being a design that breaks against the designs seen in previous hooded films.

It has been commented on many occasions that the version of Batman that we will see in the film will be a Batman who has practically just started his career as a watchman. A sneak that reveal from The wrap best places the Reeves movie. As they publish, "Reeves has described his film as a story ‘Defining’ Y 'very personal about the Dark Knight, more than a story of origin in the line of the beloved series 'Year one' by Frank Miller, ”to add that“ according to people with knowledge of the project, the Reeves movie explore the second year of Bruce Wayne as the Dark Knight detective".

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The last iterations of Batman seen in the cinema, those represented by Christian Bale and Ben Affleck, told very different stories with the character. Bale began with a full-origin story while Affleck introduced an experienced Batman who had been patrolling Gotham for years by the time we met him in "Batman v Superman".

To all this, actor Jeffery Wright also echoed the publication of Matt Reeves but accompanied by an image that is a clear reference to the Bat-Signal. It is a light bulb but does not have the Batman logo superimposed… for now.

Via information | The wrap

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