The average age of the players rises, according to a study

The sagas start to last many decades, the characters age, the consoles go retro … and we, the players, are also celebrating our birthday. A study has revealed that the average age of gamers has recently risen, reaching those who are between 60 and 65 years old with a very high frequency already, VG24 / 7 tells us.

A Global Web Index marketing research report has revealed that the 55-64-year-old population has grown 32% since 2018 … and that’s a lot in three years ( account).

And that are new players of this age who are added to the total of the existing ones, something that shows a change in the player profile recently. There are more mobile games, more people who play due to the Covid-19 pandemic and do not leave home and in general, changes in the gaming community worldwide. This study has been based on 19,500 people around the world.

According to the GWI report, 86% of the players have an internet connection to play, although the older ones only partially participate in the game time at the family level. But we cannot forget that many of these users are veterans for several decades, as the industry ages … and it does so with us.

But don’t worry, it is proven that games maintain active mental agility, and that is good for all of us, no matter how old we are.


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