The author announces the end of The Seven Deadly Sins: the last volume is missing

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All manga, without distinction, sooner or later must come to an end. Happen for many unknown works unscrupulously canceled from magazines as well as the most famous ones. And it looks like this year will really see the conclusion of The Seven Deadly Sins by Nakaba Suzuki and that over the past few years has fascinated many readers.

The Seven Deadly Sins is currently in chapter 341, in the midst of a new saga that seemed to be destined for a longer narrative. Instead, the author has included a note in volume 40 of The Seven Deadly Sins that is about to arrive in Japanese comics, revealing that the manga is missing less than it seems.

In the volume arriving on February 17 it was written by Suzuki that The Seven Deadly Sins only needs one more volume to complete. It is not known whether the author's reference, written on the flap of the tankobon jacket, goes to number 41 or 42. If The Seven Deadly Sins ended with number 41 it would mean that there are only five chapters left to the end of the serialization in the magazine, or about a month's time. Will it be a definitive end or will the author continue as it did last year?

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The Seven Deadly Sins has been running since October 10, 2012 in Weekly Shonen Magazine, Kodansha's admirals magazine. Three animated series were drawn from the work, of which the third The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods ongoing, feature films, OAVs and special episodes, light novels and spin-offs of various kinds.

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