The Attack of the Giants: what has changed Isayama compared to the first draft of the series?

Before becoming the worldwide phenomenon that shocked both the publishing world and that of Japanese animation, the series ofAttack of the Giants was born from a one-shot story, Humanity Vs. Titans, rejected by Shonen Jump, in which there were substantial differences compared to the final result obtained, let’s see them in a comparison.

Although the original story is roughly similar to Eren’s adventure, from the very first pages we understand that some aspects of the world are profoundly different. In fact, attention is paid to a religious group that created the Giants as guardians of nature, to prevent deforestation, pollution and destruction of ecosystems by humans. Over the course of about a hundred years, these guardians they killed 80% of humanity, and the survivors have settled in a forest, protected by dense vegetation that the Giants refuse to ravage.

After this presentation, Murakumo enters the scene, a very skilled, cold and determined protagonist, traits that make him more like Captain Levi than Eren Jaeger. Soon we also get to know Tsubaki, who asks Murakumo to train her, so that she too can fight the Giants. Both have lost their parents precisely because of the guardians of nature, and at the end of the story we see Murakumo directly facing a Giant, heroically sacrificing himself to protect his village.

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Comparing Humanity Vs. Titans with the story actually published, it is immediately clear that the function of protectors of nature has been totally eliminated, giving space to complex games of power, attention to the past history of the world, and political fictional elements which have contributed to making the series one of the most followed and appreciated in recent years. The struggle between the Giants and humans is no longer limited to a mere defense, but to a real war between nations formed with the advancement of the plot.

A parallelism could be made between Murakumo and Eren, who before being completely blinded by the power of the Giant Progenitor and elaborating a terrible plan of extermination, was guided by will to kill the Giants, an objective that made him enter the Reconnaissance Army. To date, however, it remains unlikely that Eren will show himself as a hero, a figure ready to sacrifice himself for the good of others, given all the deaths he caused in the conflict between Marley and Paradis.

Recall that Isayama did not expect great popularity for Eren, and we leave you to a very faithful cosplay dedicated to Levi Ackerman.


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