The Attack of the Giants: the editor reveals the release date of the expected chapter 132

Since the mangaka Hajime Isayama has announced that he has already thought about the ending of his main work, The attack of the Giants , each new chapter of the manga is read with a certain tension and fear that it may end at any moment, in a brutal way, as the author has accustomed us to.

Chapter 131, published in recent days, has brought us back to follow the thoughts of Eren Jaeger, with an introspective look at the important decisions he has made, and the terrible consequences they will have on the fate of the world.

The advance of the Giants, and the destruction they bring, only pays off this narrative arc undoubtedly the bloodiest of the whole series, capable of constantly capturing the attention of readers, who won't have to wait long for the next chapter to arrive.

In fact, the series editor has recently announced that chapter 132 will be released on September 9th in Japan, as you can see in the post shared by @AoTWiki and reported at the bottom of the page. What will Eren's inner battles lead to? Could he eventually decide to stop this Apocalypse that he himself started? Tell us your views with a comment.

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Recall that the cover of volume 32 of the manga of the Attack of the Giants has already been shown, and that Isayama seems to have paid homage to Italy with a character.


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