The Attack of the Giants: Historia dresses like a queen in the latest TheIrl cosplay

The attack of the Giants it has a core of main characters that is practically at the center of the story from the beginning. Then gradually Hajime Isayama expanded the cast by presenting more and more characters, some of whom have become antagonists and others precious allies. In the long run, one of the characters that has emerged is Historia Reiss.

Initially known as Krista Lenz, a false name created to hide her royal ancestry, she was a member of the Scouting Legion until during season 3 of The attack of the Giants did not decide to accept her role by becoming the queen inside the walls. So we saw her both in the role of the peasant and warrior and now on top of the aristocratic pyramid.

It is now left on the margins of the narrative, but before leaving it in the royal palace we were able to observe it in queen's clothes. With her white dress and ruby-studded crown on her head, here's a Historia Reiss cosplay created by cosplayer The Irl. The girl you can see below has made a small set with two photos and a video to show her creation, col Krista Lenz cosplay who sees her with blonde hair gathered and made up for the coronation ceremony.

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Leaving season 3 behind us, we discover how to prepare for the final season of The Attack of the Giants, with the trailer that has already made us see important characters like Reiner.


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