The Attack of the Giants: for a character, freedom could turn into despair

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There pursuit of freedom is an important theme for the Attack of the Giants. From the first pages, the protagonist Eren Jaeger yearns for the liberation of his people from the monsters known as giants, launching themselves in missions outside the walls. This desire does not change after the timeskip, but this obtained freedom risks hurting others.

After a very high number of volumes, Marley's first giant captured in The attack of the Giants, Annie Leonhart, has freed herself. Years have passed since that moment when she was captured by the Exploration Legion, when she was forced to hibernate using the hardening power. Now that she has managed to escape from her prison, she decides to live up to her father's promise and return home.

This freedom however came when Eren has decided to wreak havoc in the world. Hordes of colossal giants march from Paradise to crush the whole world, creating panic and destruction already on the island. We also see at Marley that the Eldians are gaining strength and fighting against their jailers, and Mr. Leonhart, Annie's father, appears among the rebels. The two are still miles and miles away from a reunion, which however may not even be there.

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There freedom found by Annie could therefore soon be enveloped by a wave of despair? Or will the girl, thanks to Hitch's help, manage to reunite with her foster parent once she has fled the island?

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